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 House Of Representatives Committee On Foreign Affairs On The Bajo De Masinloc Crisis
LGU Resolutions On The West Philippine Sea Issue
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The West PHL Sea Arbitration
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Report 2014

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VAWG 2 Lnd Thumb30 March 2015 – The  ASEAN-Philippines National Secretariat and the Office of the Philippine Representative to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) of the Department of...
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RIYADH2 Lnd Thumb31 March 2015 - The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh recently visited Al Khobar for its 11th Embassy on Wheels (EOW) consular outreach mission this year. The mission provided a total of 1,299 consular...

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Default Lnd Thumb31 March 2015 - The Philippine Embassy in Rome has received reports that a placement agency in...
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