23 June 2015 - The Philippine Embassy in Tripoli reported that 172 overseas Filipino workers  with nine minors are scheduled to arrive in the Philippines today on board two separate commercial flights.

These repatriates were evacuated by the Embassy Team out of Tripoli and central region, and from Tobruk and eastern region, then escorted to Tunisia on June 21 where they awaited their return flights to the Philippines. The first batch composed of 92 repatriates will arrive at 4:00 p.m. via flight QR932, while the second batch composed of 80 repatriates will arrive at 4:35 p.m. on board flight EK332.

These arrivals bring the total number of Filipinos repatriated by the Philippine Government from Libya to 5290. Meanwhile, more than 3000 Filipinos remain in Libya.

While Alert Level 4 remains raised in Libya, the Embassy Team in Tripoli continues to work tirelessly to convince the remaining Filipinos in that country to accept the Philippine Government’s repatriation offer and return to their loved ones in the Philippines as soon as possible. END