PH Embassy in Lisbon Showcases PH Traditional Games at São Roque Arts Center

lisbon games 1

The Portuguese public play sungka, one of Filipino traditional games showcased during the cultural event of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa. (Lisbon PE photo)

LISBON 09 November 2018 - The Philippine Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal showcased Philippine traditional games such as dama, sungka, yoyo, and patintero during the launch of the  São Roque Arts Center at the Largo Trindade Coelho, Lisbon. The event was organized by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML). 

SCML is a Portuguese charitable organization that has historical links to the Catholic Church. It is in modern times  a secular legal entity that is recognized by the Portuguese authorities as a non-profit organization of public interest. It was established in 1498 by Queen Regent Eleanor of Viseu, as a Brotherhood with the Invocation of Our Lady of Mercy (headquartered in a chapel of the Lisbon Cathedral).

There was a wide range of cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and performances at the launching of the São Roque Arts Center. Aside from participating in the showcase of Asian traditional games, the Embassy was also invited to display at the exhibition of religious vestments a chasuble being used by religious officials. The chasuble which was woven by Ifugaos from the Mountain Province in the Philippines was from Lisbon-based Filipino Chaplain Rev. Father Jovito Osalvo. The exhibit of religious vestments in the Sacristy of the Church of São Roque runs until 29 October. END

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lisbon games 2

The Portuguese public also tried playing the dama. (Lisbon PE photo)

lisbon games 3

Filipinos in Lisbon also played patintero during the exhibition of Philippine traditional games. (Lisbon PE photo)