On the Extension of UAE Amnesty Program

06 November 2018 — The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) welcomes the one-month extension of the amnesty program announced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The extension until December 1 of the program that began in August will benefit more undocumented Filipinos who may wish to return home.

A total of 2,153 undocumented Filipinos have so far availed themselves of the program and have been reunited with their loved ones in the Philippines. They include the latest batch of 98 repatriates assisted by the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai who arrived on Monday.

The Department is encouraging other undocumented Filipinos in the UAE to take advantage of the amnesty before the new deadline. The Department will shoulder the cost of the exit fines and airline tickets to Manila and the respective provinces of repatriates. END